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Getting There

A few holiday faq
in brief

1. No visa is required for entry into Croatia.
2. No special vacination is required.
3. Croatia boasts, with reason, the best drinking water in Europe.
4. Croatia has on average 3000 sunny hours a year! That is out of a possible 4380 daylight hours in a year!
5. On the coast winters are very mild, rarely falling below 10ºC. One can see lemons on the trees in February!
6. In summer it's hot but not too hot, the average July temperature being 29ºC.

Biking & Cycling
in Croatia

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Cycling has been very popular in Croatia for a century, not least because years ago it was the quickest means of transport across their seemingly impossible slopes and rugged terrain. Today the roads connecting the towns are much better but, in summer, when the coastal roads are congested, one of the most convenient forms of transport is still the bicycle. How often one passes a car stuck in jam only to see it arrive at the beach half an hour later, while you've been enjoying yourself! Then the poor chap in the car has to spend another half an hour finding a parking place!

Even if you've come to Croatia specifically for the cycling, the chances are, your accommodation will be on the coast. This is a great place to start your cycling adventures, and probably the gentlest as most of the roads follow the contours of the coast and so are reasonably flat. It is also a great way to pop down to the restaurant for a meal.

Resting on the way up Biokovo
Cycling on a coastal path

There are many wonderful cycling circuits in Croatia. The level of difficulty of these varies considerably, some being designed for the recreational cyclist and some for the sports cyclist. For the latter you’ll need to be in top form. For example, the great bicycle tour of Makarska leads up and over the Biokovo Mountain, which is over a mile high!

The circuit ascends across the Biokovo area of Staza, through the Biokovo Nature Park to the highest peak of Sv.Jure (1762 m), where you can finally relax and enjoy the spectacular view of the Dalmatian Coast - and look forward to the downhill journey back.

A little chapel on Biokovo

There are numerous clubs along the coast where you can hire both racing bikes and mountain bikes. If your visit happens to coincide with one of the towns biking marathons you are, of course, welcome to participate.

Below is a link to two detailed cycling circuits on the island of KRK in the Gulf of Kvarner.

Click here for cycling circuits 1 & 2 on Krk

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