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A few holiday faq
in brief

1. No visa is required for entry into Croatia.
2. No special vaccination is required.
3. Croatia boasts, with reason, the best drinking water in Europe.
4. Croatia has on average 3000 sunny hours a year! That is out of a possible 4380 daylight hours in a year!
5. On the coast winters are very mild, rarely falling below 10ºC. One can see lemons on the trees in February!
6. In summer it's hot but not too hot, the average July temperature being 29ºC.

Canoeing & Kayaking
in Croatia

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With the freedom a kayak gives you what better place to be than in Croatia, with its multitude of historical coastal sites to visit and even more little bays and coves where you can find a beach to yourself. The crystal clear turquoise waters are great for swimming and snorkelling, being warm most of the year, and you can stop off at any of the resorts along the coast to sample some of Croatia’s superb gastronomy. As you’ve probably already read, Croatia has over a thousand islands, some of which are considered the most beautiful in the world, a dream destination for kayakers.

So, with so much choice, where would you go for your kayaking holidays? Well, anywhere, but if you want the biggest concentration of history combined with spectacular beauty, you would do no wrong starting off in Central Dalmatia.

Kayaking on the sea        

The Central Dalmatian coast           

On the mainland you have the fascinating, bustling city of Split with its Roman remains, and the Makarska Riviera with its beautiful beaches, resorts and night life. Out to sea, just a few paddles away, you have two of the most beautiful islands in Croatia, Hvar and Brac

Without any doubt, the Cetina river is one of the most beautiful places in Croatia for freshwater kayaking and is definitely the place to go for white water rafting. It is situated in a luscious region surrounded by quaint little villages and is very important, both historically and archaeologically.

Kayaking on the Cetina river

The character of the Cetina varies considerable along its length. In the upper regions it is mostly fast with plenty of white water rapids, and lies in deep ravines with rugged rocky outcrops. In the lower regions the river is much slower, more like a lake, with the tall canyon walls which rise on either side being wider, occasionally punctuated by flatter areas smattered with small villages, deciduous woodlands and green meadows full of flowers, which in Spring are really quite intoxicating. What better place to be than in these calmer lower reaches when you’ve just come down from the rapids.

Taking a rest in the Cetina river

The Cetina river itself is very clean and clear, supplying drinking water to much of Dalmatia, so don’t hesitate to go for a swim. It is also teaming with trout, so don't forget your fishing rods!

The mouth of the Cetina river opens into the sea at Omis, a fantastic setting for a town, separated by a deep ravine which, after many kilometres of being fairly wide, closes in here to just a few metres wide. The area is very geared up for boaters, especially for kayaking and white water rafting, and there any number of centres in Omis which hire out kayaks and other boating gear, and an equal number who organise trips. So, you could come to Croatia with nothing preplanned and still get to go on the river. If you would prefer to book an organised kayaking holiday before your arrival, one particular organisation we can recommend, which also does kayaking on the sea, is Lifejacket Adventures. Check them out!

White water rafting

The Cetina river is the most well known place for white water rafting. Check out Rafting Adventure for their organised trips from Omis.

We meet at the intersection of Omis’s only bridge and take the road that leads towards the picnic area Radmanove Mlinice, actually the stop off place at the end of the rafting, where the tourists can leave their cars. We continue on to the starting place which takes approximately 20 minutes. The journey there is very interesting and allows the tourists to see the beauty and nature of the river’s surroundings.

We begin the trip on a very calm spot on the river. Once everyone is seated on the boat the skipper explains to the crew how to row, what to do if they fall into the river, where it’s calm and what to do in the rapids. The skipper will always check if everyone in the boat can swim. The first 16 kilometres of the river is a part where the river is very calm, the scenery is gorgeous and the water is crystal clear and clean.

We then pass through to sections of the river where the trees have overgrown and formed tunnels. This is the section of the river that is very technically demanding, so the crew must follow all instructions carefully. This section of the river is called the labyrinth. We will then come to a small lake-like expanse of water where we take a break for about 10 minutes, so rafters can go swimming and refresh in the clear blue-green river.

The next place we stop is at a small floodgate where the crew can taste the fresh clean water running from a small stream. The next couple of kilometres is the best part of rafting on the river Cetina, starting with the Studenci waterfall, one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the river. After the waterfall comes the beautiful and very dangerous rapid Oblacnik. The crew exits the raft at this point, unless they are very experienced, and travel along the river edge for 50 metres while the skipper manoeuvres through the rapid. The crew return to the boat and the adventure continues...

Sounds good doesn’t it? Check out www.raft.hr for their Rafting Adventure. They are open every day between the 1st of May and the 1st of October for canoeing, kayaking and rafting. You can E-mail them directly at rafting@net.hr

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