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A few holiday faq
in brief

1. No visa is required for entry into Croatia.
2. No special vaccination is required.
3. Croatia boasts, with reason, the best drinking water in Europe.
4. Croatia has on average 3000 sunny hours a year! That is out of a possible 4380 daylight hours in a year!
5. On the coast winters are very mild, rarely falling below 10ºC. One can see lemons on the trees in February!
6. In summer it's hot but not too hot, the average July temperature being 29ºC.
7. There are boat hire centres all along the coast of Croatia.
8. There are also loads of organised fishing trips, including big game fishing for shark and bluefin tuna.

Fishing in Croatia
Dolphin animation

You only have to look over the side of any quay in Croatia and you’d be stunned by the number and variety of fish which are swimming around, like a well stocked fish tank! Owing to the unusual geology of the area, called karst, which makes the sea bottom very jagged, it is very difficult for trawlers to find a stretch to fish. This together with Croatia’s quite small population, even though they do love fish, has helped maintain the stocks in this part of the Adriatic.

Fishing with a rod and line is a passion for Croatians of all ages, for man and women alike, not least because nearly everything you catch is edible. The past time can vary from dangling a line over a quay, feathering for squid off the rocks or big game fishing, which is now one of the up and coming tourist activities.

A nice ‘little tunny’

The Croatian Adriatic sea has a unique characteristic which puts it in front of other fishing destinations, and that is the bluefin tuna. Otherwise a highly migratory species it has chosen the Adriatic sea for its home and this is the only known place on earth, where bluefin can be caught any time of the year. Tunas here range from baby size to giants in the range over 300 kg. They are present along the outer coast of the islands and often they come well inshore entering estuaries and channels.

A rare brace of broadbill swordfish             

Sharks, even though not as frequent here as in tropical waters, are around in respectable numbers, the major species being the blue shark and thresher shark. The best time of year for these are the summer and autumn months.

The ultimate fishing challenge for many sports fishermen, the broadbill swordfish, is also present in fair numbers, which are decreasing from south to north, but the fact is that even in Central Dalmatian they are often spotted breaking the surface during daytime, although seldom caught. Still, the challenge is there.

Proud catchers of a thresher shark     

But fishing isn’t all about catching big fish, there are very many respectable species which can be caught without sophisticated equipment. In March and April there is great fishing for little tunnies, which come in huge shoals to the inshore waters. Little tunnies in the Adriatic grow to sizes up to 13 kg, and average about 10 kilos. At the end of summer the squid have their turn and you’ll see hundreds of locals feathering for these off the rocks. Their catch is then barbecued the same night. Around the islands species such as the albacore, the amberjack and mahi-mahi are present in great numbers. Even smaller still, and just as delicious, are the various species of sea bream, and the grey mullet which you will see swimming around the sides of rocks and quays. These can be fairly easily caught on freshwater tackle using a bit of mussel or cheese for bait.

Freshwater fishing in Croatia

Croatia’s rivers and lakes are amongst the cleanest in the world and as a consequence are well stocked with trout and course fish. Their rivers, such as the Cetina river, are also very beautiful, so if you haven’t had a lucky day fishing, you will at least have had a very pleasant day out.

Trout from the Cetina river

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