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Getting There

A few holiday faq
in brief

1. No visa is required for entry into Croatia.
2. No special vaccination is required.
3. Croatia boasts, with reason, the best drinking water in Europe.
4. Croatia has on average 3000 sunny hours a year! That is out of a possible 4380 daylight hours in a year!
5. On the coast winters are very mild, rarely falling below 10ºC. One can see lemons on the trees in February!
6. In summer it's hot but not too hot, the average July temperature being 29ºC.

Hiking, Rambling & Walking
in Croatia

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Walking in Croatia is a wonderful experience, whether it be a gentle walk along a sun soaked beach, a promenade under palm trees or a hike up a mountain. Croatia is so suited to this activity it is impossible to advise where best to go - well, everywhere is best. Hundreds of kilometres of marked paths are at the disposal of walking lovers, from the less demanding to the hardly passable.

The gentle sloping mountains of South Dalmatia
Walking on the Biokovo mountain range       

Croatia has such a diversity of landscape, from steep mountainous slopes, covered in pines or rugged and bare, to gentle slopes covered in vineyards. What’s more, you have 8 National Parks to choose from, many with unsurpassed beauty (please see our National Parks page) and where the fauna & flora is abundant and diverse.

All over Croatia recommended paths are marked out by small red circles with a white dot in the middle, which you can find on trees, on lamp-postes and on the sides of buildings, guiding you along through the most interesting parts of the country. Of these tried and tested paths, there are as many completely unexplored, untouched even, except by roaming sheep and their shepherds.

A coastal path at Brela, Makarska Riviera

If you go to Croatia for a walking holiday the chances are you will be staying in accommodation on the coast. Many of the little resorts along the coast are connected by promenades such as the ones in the photos above and right. They might not be very demanding but one can easily lose the idea of distance, and of time, while walking these paths, and before you know it you've walked so far there isn't time to make it back for dinner!

The islands of the Croatian Coast are ideal for a walking holiday. None of the islands are so big that you couldn’t present yourself with the challenge of exploring a whole island on foot during your stay - some islands might just be big enough for you to need two weeks though!

The Makarska coastal path
Wild flowers on the banks of the Cetina River

There will always be something interesting to see in Croatia, whether it be an ancient tomb or humble wild flowers.

In the hinterland of the Makarska Riviera towers the beautiful mountain of Biokovo which has been proclaimed a Nature Park. Group hiking excursions are organised to the peak of Sv. Jure (1762 m), which is no easy hike. It doesn't involve any rock climbing skills though, so it is within the capabilities of most people. Every yard of the walk offers an unsurpassed view over the whole Dalmatian Coast, which is visible for at least 30 miles in each direction. On the way up you can have a little break while visiting the Biokovo’s Botanical Garden. Then once on the top you can buy refreshments in the climbers’ lodge Vosac, take a well earned rest and enjoy the truly magnificent view.

Featured Walking & Hiking Holidays

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